Get a figure back after the birth of my baby

15. July 2020

Is it possible to recover your figure after childbirth? Are you afraid that you will not lose your weight after giving birth? Pregnancy and childbirth leave permanent changes in the body? I also asked myself these questions during my pregnancy, when my belly grew rapidly and gained 22 kg at the end of the 9th month, from the original 62 kg it got to 84 kg. My height is 175 cm. For the first time in my life, I was able to indulge in those who are overweight. I never had problems with my weight, I led a naturally active sports life and thanks to that I kept fit. Even during pregnancy, I exercised lightly, managed the entire second trimester up to 15 km of walking and also swam. Still, my weight went up a lot.

After the birth of my baby, my attention was directed to the baby, there was no strength to think about anything else, which is probably good, because in retrospect, when I see photos from the time after the childbirth, I don’t like myself at all. 11 days after giving birth, I went out with my pram for the first walk and I felt so weak and painful. On the one hand, I was happy for a healthy baby, and on the other hand, I was exhausted, asleep and at the same time unhappy with my figure. Even though Daniel is 9 months old today, he still wakes up to milk every 3 hours, so I’m not asleep yet :). After 3 months after giving birth, a light run has been added to the walks, and for the last 4 months I have been running 4 to 5 times a week, I run an average of 143 km per month. and I workout twice a week at home or outdoors. Definitely, the weight does not go down immediately after birth, the body needs time before it returns to its original state. The female body has to cope with many physiological changes throughout pregnancy, so the body needs to be given time for another 9 months after giving birth. From my experience, I know the need to actively exercise and move. It’s pain, sweat and hard work, especially in the beginning with postpartum extra pounds. Having a slim figure again is not free.

For comparison, I published my photos with the figure and condition in 6-week period (photo below) and a change of figure 9 months after birth (photo above). After 9 months, I got back to my weight of 62 kg, but still need to work on shaping the figure. I lost the most pounds after giving birth and then I lost 1 kg to 2 kg per month. What has permanently left a mark on my body is the scar from the caesarean section, I have to live with it and during heavier training I also feel abdominal pain at the site of the incision. And when it comes to diet, I follow the fact that theenergy output must be higher than energy intake. I watch the right ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. I don’t drink any sweet water, sodas, I don’t eat any wafers, biscuits, or chocolate with hardened fats. I don’t go to fast food, I don’t like it, it stinks. I just don’t eat nonsense. Finally, I present my measurements of the figure, which I started to record 5 months after birth of my baby.

Here are the differences:

24.3.2020 – waist: 80 cm, hips: 104 cm, weight: 67 kg

14.7.2020 – waist: 73 cm, hips: 98 cm, weight: 62 kg

6-week period after childbirth

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