Why is active movement important to me?

14. May 2020

Did you know that in the Czech Republic, diseases of the circulatory system are the most common cause of all deaths? According to the Czech Statistical Office in 2018, the proportion of all deaths due to this cause of death was 43%, which is almost 49,000 inhabitants out of 112,920. And what exactly is a circulatory system disease? This means, for example, heart disease, vascular hardening and blockage of blood vessels. Obese people and people with high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol are at greater risk. It also follows that people who have an unhealthy lifestyle and no active movement are mostly affected by this disease. That is why I am very well aware of the importance of eating healthily and having some exercise or running almost daily. Exercise should become a natural part of our lifestyle. I would just like to be fit until a very old age and be healthy for a long time, so sport makes sense to me and is very important to me, as well as varied and healthy food, which I will describe in another article, it is a fairly extensive topic.

When I returned to the Czech Republic in 2013 after a year in China, I suffered from moderate asthma due to the high pollution they have there. Thanks to my sports, my asthma has improved a lot. And during my pregnancy, my allergist even stopped my medication completely and praised me for playing sports, because it is said that it is very well known in the lungs. About 2 years before pregnancy, I started to devote myself more to running, so it was very important for me to continue with the run even after the birth. Unfortunately, my husband and I don’t have anyone from our family to look after our baby, so I knew I would have to run and exercise with the baby. That is why it was very important for me to find a suitable pram that will be my daily tool. One with which I will travel by public transport or by car, so that it can be folded easily and quickly, with whom I will run in the woods on a rocky surface and descend hills with it, so that it can withstand winter, hot summer days and rain without falling apart soon. In the end, I chose the Thule Urban Glide 2 stroller, which met all my requirements. For example, I lock the front wheel so that my carriage does not run sideways and then I train with it. I made a video with exercises for my blog. You can find it in the section called Exercises with a stroller. And it’s also wonderful about him that my husband can run with it and he doesn’t look as feminine with it as with other strollers. I also bought a very useful accessory, Thule Organizer Sport. I put a thermos with a drink, a mobile phone, keys and other small things in it. It’s much more comfortable when running, I highly recommend it.

Today, my son is 7 months old and I walked with a pram and ran about 1100 km, and mainly thanks to that I lost 20 kg, which I gained during pregnancy. Now I mainly shape and strengthen my figure and I can also strengthen myself with a pram. In conclusion, I want to say that maternity leave also has advantages, I can devote more time to running, exercising and walking at any time during the day. Especially with one child, it can definitely be done, and if you don’t know how to start exercising and what to look out for so that you don’t get hurt before you decide to start playing sports, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to help you with everything.

Strengthening with a stroller
thule organizer sport

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