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July 2020


TRX Circuit Workout

25. July 2020

This time I compiled a list of exercises with TRX in the form of full-body blast workout, which are accompanied by video. Everyone can workout from the comfort of home, outside in the garden, on the workout playground or in the woods. All you need for this is a little space and the TRX suspension system. For heavier training and greater efficiency, I also used a rubber resistance, you can of course train without it. SET OF EXERCISES: TRX sprinter…

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Get a figure back after the birth of my baby

15. July 2020

Is it possible to recover your figure after childbirth? Are you afraid that you will not lose your weight after giving birth? Pregnancy and childbirth leave permanent changes in the body? I also asked myself these questions during my pregnancy, when my belly grew rapidly and gained 22 kg at the end of the 9th month, from the original 62 kg it got to 84 kg. My height is 175 cm. For the first time in my life, I was…

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