The second year of running after childbirth

1. October 2021

My second season in the run is slowly coming to an end, so I decided to describe my progress after almost two years of running after childbirth. My article on the topic: the first year of the run after childbirth has already been written in detail, so I will focus only on the current year 2021. This year was better than I expected, and in my head I set really achievable tempos for running at 5 km and 10 km…

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How to set your priorities in life

3. February 2021

Many of my acquaintances and friends, who are also on maternity leave and have children, often wonder and ask me where I take the time and energy to run or do any exercise. And so, for inspiration in 10 points, I wrote activities to which I dedicate the maximum and minimum time, …

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Zucchini and salmon ragout with bulgur

8. January 2021

Try a simple and nutritionally balanced recipe that even one-year-olds can eat. At home, my one-year-old son loves this meal. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Bulgur is made from whole wheat and is rich in protein, carbohydrates, fiber. It contains vitamin A and minerals such as phosphorus, iron and magnesium and a negligible amount of fat. That’s why I include it in my diet much more often than, for example, white rice. And it only takes you 15…

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The first year of running after childbirth

5. January 2021

The first year after giving birth, I decided to summarize my entire running year. First of all, I became a full-time mom. Only since January 2020, three months after giving birth, that I started running a little. There was also nowhere to hurry, especially after the caesarean section. Walking with a pram up the hills is enough, and that’s how I practiced it. In the month of January I ran only 44 km, mostly with a pram, in February it…

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Italian focaccia

20. November 2020

If you like Italian cuisine, you will definitely enjoy the homemade Italian bread called focaccia. I recommend using Italian plain flour instead of classic plain flour. It does not stick so much, it is denser and there is a difference in taste.…

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TRX workout for legs and glutes

23. August 2020

Today's TRX training is focused on the lower body, specifically the legs and glutes. You can perform the set of exercises that I have compiled nicely from the comfort of your home or on the workout playground. Again, you only need a little space and the TRX suspension system. You can practice this TRX training within 30 minutes.…

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